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For security reasons we do not save your password and therefore can not tell you if you have forgotten it. Instead, we store a 32-bit checksum that is calculated by taking your password. At login, we also compute a checksum from the password you've entered and compare the result with the saved version. So is your password save.

If you forget your password or user name, then we can locate you by the Email address provided by you during the registration process. We will send a link to this address for login. If this works, please go immediately on the menu item "Login Data" and define a new password. Do it first because this link is working only once!

Please enter your Email address that you have used at registry time (if it is still valid) in the following form:

Email address:

Should you not longer be reachable at the address given at registration time, then this method can not work. In this case, fill both the old and the new Email address in the following form. We will try to help you with a personal Email contact.

Your full name:
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