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ClickThai Dictionary Thai-English

ClickThai Dictionary is known in the German version for many years. The new edition 2010 is available for the first time in Thai-English. A long experience with the German version means that the English version is a mature version right from the start. It contains more than 46,000 Thai words and more than 57,000 Englisch translations. And the best: more than 21.000 Thai words are provided with a sound file, so you can hear a word as often as you need to fully understand it. The voice is recorded from a human Thai speaker and not a synthetical computer-voice.

ClickThai Dictionaries are available on CD and - with identical content - for download. It is not a program but only HTML-pages. Use it like a book, with the facilities to jump from an index entry directly to the corresponding page. And it works on all computers independend from the operating system.

Highlights of the 2010 edition:  
1. Sorted translation results

Looking for a English term, often there is more than just a single Thai translation available. Which of them can you take? Therefore, the list of results is sorted by frequency of use of the Thai words. The most frequently used words are now listed on the first positions and rarely used below.
Even when the analysis is based only on the written language and the spoken language would be appropriate in a different order, it is nevertheless a great help. At least every Thai understands the terms listed on top.
I recommend using one of the first three or four words where the remaining translations correspond most closely to the searched word.

2. Thai script in Unicode To address the representation problems of the Thai script, all Thai characters displayed in Unicode. Your computer must have an Unicode Font (i.e: ArialUnicode, Microsoft Sans Serif, Tahoma, Angsana, Browallia, Cordia). If the Thai characters are displayed correctly in the sample page below, then your computer is well equipped.
3. Thai transcription For many Thai words with exceptional pronunciation a Thai transcription using Thai characters is displayed in a simplified script.
4. Vocabulary 46,878 Thai words
57,132 English words
46,624 Transcription entries
21,599 Sound files for Thai words
Sample: Original page (from the actual dictionary)

Please note the number in the right column. This is a shortened form of the grading classification. The smaller the number, the more often the accompanying Thai word is found in Thai texts. Words with a 1 at this position will show more than 10 million sites on a Google search, at a 6 probably less than 1000.

aged adj. adj. aged; เก่า gao\   1
aged adj. adj. aged, aged (referring to people), old แก่ gae:\   1
aged adj. adj. aged อายุ a:--  yu/   1
aged adj. adj. aged, ancient, antique, old, outdated เก่าๆ gao\  gao\   2
aged adj. adj. aged, elderly, old มีอายุ mee--  a:--  yu/   2
be aged v. v. get old, be aged, be old; มีอายุ mee--  a:--  yu/   2
aged adj. adj. old, aged, elderly สูงอายุ su:ng\/  a:--  yu/   2
aged adj. adj. old, aged, senile, elderly; ชรา cha/  ra:--   2
aged adj. adj. old, aged; เหลา [เหฺลา]
aged adj. adj. old, aged, elderly; เฒ่า thao/\   2
aged adj. adj. aged, ancient (things) เก่าแก่มาก gao\  gae:\  ma:k/\   3
aged n. n. senior citizen, old man, aged คนชรา khon--  cha/  ra:--   3
aged adj. adj. old, aged, elderly อายุมาก a:--  yu/  ma:k/\   3
aged adj. adj. elderly, aged สูงวัย su:ng\/  way--   3
aged (the) n. n. elder, elderly (the), aged (the), senior; ผู้อาวุโส phu:/\  a:--  woo/  so:\/   3
aged adj. adj. older, aged คร่ำ khram/\   4
aged adj. adj. aged, old หง่อม nga:wm\   4
aged adj. adj. aged, old สองผม sa:wng\/  phom\/   4
aged adj. adj. old, aged, elderly, patriarchal, superannuated, gray; ไม้ใกล้ฝั่ง may/  glay/\  fang\   4
aged adj. adj. prosperous, thriving, strong, large, big, old, senior, aged, adroit พฤทธ์ phreut/   4
aged adj. adj. aged, old หงำเหงอะ ngam\/  nger\   5
aged adj. adj. old, aged มหัล [มะ-หัล]
ma/  han\/  
aged man n. n. venerable old man, grandpa, aged man; พ่อเฒ่า pha:w/\  thao/\   4
aged woman n. n. grandmother, aged woman แม่เฒ่า mae:/\  thao/\   4
aged-old adj. adj. aged-old, old, legendary, ancient, time-honored; ปรัมปรา [ปะ-รำ-ปะ-รา]
bpa\  ram--  bpa\  ra:--  
ageless adj. adj. ageless; ตลอดไป dta\  la:wt\  bpay--   2
ageless adj. adj. ageless; อมตะ am\  ma/  dta\   2
agency n. n. bureau, agency; หน่วย nu:ay\   1
agency n. n. agency, agent, deputy, proxy, representative, substitute ตัวแทน dtu:a--  thae:n--   2
agency n. jur. pol. n. jur. pol. agency, organization องค์การ ong--  ga:n--   2
agency n. n. agency; การกระทำ ga:n--  gra\  tham--   2
agency n. n. agency; ผู้แทน phu:/\  thae:n--   2
agency n. n. medium, agency, way, mean, channel, instrument, mode, vehicle, intermediary สื่อกลาง seu:\  gla:ng--   2
agency n. E. n. E. agency; เอเจนซี่ e:--  je:n--  see/\   3
agency n. n. agency; หน้าที่เป็นตัวแทน na:/\  thi/\  bpen--  tua--  thae:n--   3
agency n. E. n. E. agency; เอเย่นต์ e:--  ye:n/\   3
agency n. n. agency, firm, company บริษัทตัวแทน ba:w--  ri/  sat\  dtu:a--  thae:n--   3
agency n. n. agency; การหน้าที่เป็นตัวแทน ga:n--  na:/\  thi/\  bpen--  tua--  thae:n--   7
agenda n. n. schedule, agenda, program, itinerary กำหนดการ gam--  not\  gan--   2
agenda n. n. program, agenda, programme; สูจิบัตร su:\/  ji\  bat\   4
agent n. n. agency, agent, deputy, proxy, representative, substitute ตัวแทน dtu:a--  thae:n--   2
agent n. n. agent, representative, vice-, deputy (a prefix), proxy; ผู้แทน phu:/\  thae:n--   2
agent n. n. agent, broker; คนกลาง khon--  gla:ng--   2
agent n. n. agent, broker, middleman; นายหน้า na:y--  na:/\   2
agent n. med. n. med. agent ผู้กระทำ phu:/\  gra\  tham--   3
agent n. E. n. E. agent; เอเย่นต์ e:--  ye:n/\   3
agent (still used occasionally) n. arc. E. n. arc. E. agent (still used occasionally); เอเยนต์ e:--  ye:n--   3
agent n. n. agent, broker, middleman; นายหน้าขายของ na:y--  na:/\  kha:y\/  kha:wng\/   3
agent n. n. broker, agent, go-between; นายหน้าซื้อขาย na:y--  na:/\  seu:/  kha:y\/   4
agent n. n. doer, actor, performer, agent; นักทำ nak/  tham--   4
agent n. E. n. E. agent; เอเจนต์ e:--  je:n--   4
agent provocateur n. jur. n. jur. agent provocateur ผู้ใช้ให้ผู้อื่นกระทำความผิด phu:/\  chay/  hay/\  phu:/\  eu:n\  gra\  tham--  khwa:m--  phit\   4
Ageratum conyzoides Linn. (Compositae) n. bot. n. bot. Ageratum conyzoides Linn. (Compositae); สาบแร้งสาบกา sa:p\  rae:ng/  sa:p\  ga:--   5
Ageratum conyzoides Linn. (Asteraceae) n. bot. n. bot. Tropic ageratum, Goatweed, Ageratum conyzoides Linn. (Asteraceae); หญ้าสาบแร้ง ya:/\  sa:p\  rae:ng/   6
agger nasi n. dent. n. dent. agger nasi, nasoturbinal concha, ridge of nose สันในจมูก san\/  nay--  ja\  mu:k/\   6
agglomerate v. v. agglomerate; เก็บ gep\   1
agglomerate v. v. agglomerate; รวบรวม ru:ap/\  ru:am--   2
agglomerate n. geol. n. geol. agglomerate, volcanic breccia กรวดเหลี่ยมภูเขาไฟ gru:at\  li:am\  phu:--  khao\/  fay--   6
agglomeration n. n. agglomeration; การเกาะกัน ga:n--  gaw\  gan--   4
agglomeration n. bot. n. bot. agglomeration; การเกาะกลุ่ม ga:n--  gaw\  glum\   4
agglutinate v. v. agglutinate; รวมกัน ru:am--  gan--   2
agglutination n. med. n. med. agglutination; การประสาน ga:n--  bpra\  sa:n\/   3
agglutination n. med. n. med. clumping, agglutination การเกาะกลุ่ม ga:n--  gaw\  glum\   4
agglutinative language n. ling. n. ling. agglutinative language ภาษาติดต่อคำ pha:--  sa:\/  dtit\  dta:w\  kham--   5
aggrandize v. v. aggrandize; เพิ่ม phe:rm/\   1
aggrandize v. v. aggrandize; ขยาย [ขะ-หยาย]
kha\  ya:y\/  
aggrandize v. v. celebrate, enhance, aggrandize, glorify, eulogize, extol, exalt, enhance one's prestige; เฉลิม [ฉะ-เหลิม]
cha\  le:rm\/  
aggravate v. v. provoke, incite, tease, infuriate, irk, irritate, aggravate, annoy, enrage, hassle, incense ยั่ว yu:a/\   2
aggravate v. v. provoke, irritate, put out, aggravate, vex ยวนยี yu:an--  yee--   4
aggregate v. v. aggregate; รวบรวม ru:ap/\  ru:am--   2
aggregate v. v. total, summate, tote, aggregate; สิริ si\  ri/   2
aggregate v. v. aggregate; รวมกลุ่ม ru:am--  glum\   2
aggregate adj. adj. aggregate; ขันธ์ khan\/   2
aggregate n. n. aggregate; ผลรวม phon\/  ru:am--   2
aggregate adj. geol. adj. geol. aggregate; มวลรวม mu:an--  ru:am--   3
aggregate n. phil. n. phil. aggregate กลุ่มกอง glum\  ga:wng--   4
aggregate interests v. v. aggregate interests; รวมผลประโยชน์ ru:am--  phon\/  bpra\  yo:t/\   4
aggregates n. n. total mass, aggregates; มวลรวม mu:an--  ru:am--   3
aggregation n. n. cluster, group, aggregation; กลุ่ม glum\   1
aggregation n. n. aggregation; การรวบรวม ga:n--  ru:ap/\  ru:am--   3
aggregation n. n. aggregation; การรวมตัว ga:n--  ru:am--  dtu:a--   3
aggregation n. n. aggregation ภาพรวมกลุ่ม pha:p/\  ru:am--  glum\   3
aggress v. v. aggress, make an offensive; ก้าวร้าว ga:o/\  ra:o/   2
aggress v. v. trespass, invade, aggress, attack, assault, encroach, raid, infringe รุกราน rook/  ra:n--   2
aggression n. n. aggression; การบุกรุก ga:n--  buk\  rook/   3
aggression n. n. aggression, invasion; การรุกราน ga:n--  rook/  ra:n--   4
aggression n. med. n. med. aggression; ความก้าวร้าว khwa:m--  ga:o/\  ra:o/   4
aggression n. n. aggression; การก้าวร้าว ga:n--  ga:o/\  ra:o/   5
aggressive adj. adj. aggressive, offensive; ก้าวร้าว ga:o/\  ra:o/   2
aggressive adj. adj. aggressive; รุกราน rook/  ra:n--   2
aggressive adj. adj. aggressive; ล่วงละเมิด lu:ang/\  la/  me:rt/\   3
aggressive adj. adj. violent, hot-tempered, vehement, aggressive, stern ดุดัน du\  dan--   3
aggressive adj. adj. aggressive; แข็งขัน khaeng\/  khan\/   3
aggressive adj. med. adj. med. aggressive ห้าวหาญ ha:o/\  ha:n\/   4
aggressive n. n. aggressive, offensiveness; ความก้าวร้าว khwa:m--  ga:o/\  ra:o/   4
be aggressive towards v. v. act hastily, be aggressive towards, flare up วู่วาม wu:/\  wa:n--   4
aggressively adv. adv. inordinately, excessively, exceedingly, too much, aggressively; เลยเถิด le:uy--  the:rt\   3
aggressiveness n. n. aggressiveness, aggressivity, pugnacity; พฤติกรรมก้าวร้าว phreut/  dti\  gam--  ga:o/\  ra:o/   4
aggressivity n. n. aggressiveness, aggressivity, pugnacity; พฤติกรรมก้าวร้าว phreut/  dti\  gam--  ga:o/\  ra:o/   4
aggrieved adj. adj. offended, aggrieved, grieved; ขัดเคือง khat\  kheu:ang--   4
aghast adj. adj. aghast; ตกตะลึง dtok\  dta\  leung--   3
aghast adj. adj. aghast; ตกใจกลัว dtok\  jay--  glu:a--   4
aghkandware n. art. n. art. aghkandware อาก์คันด์แวร์ a:--  khan--  wae:--   6
agile adj. adj. swift, quick, fast, nimble, agile, prompt; ไว way--   2
agile adj. adj. agile; ว่องไว wa:wng/\  way--   2
be agile v. v. be agile, be quick, be nimble ว่องไว wa:wng/\  way--   2
agile adj. adj. active, agile, deft, dexterous, fluent, nimble, spry คล่องแคล่ว khla:wng/\  khlae:o/\   3
agile adj. adj. agile; กระฉับกระเฉง gra\  chap\  gra\  che:ng\/   3
agile adj. adj. agile, spry, sound, hale and hearty, healthy, sturdy, lively, active, vital, energetic กระชุ่มกระชวย gra\  chook/  gra\  chu:ay/   3
agilely adv. adv. quickly, nimbly, actively, agilely; คล่อง khla:wng/\   2
agilely adv. adv. quickly, agilely, nimbly; ว่องไว wa:wng/\  way--   2
agilely adv. adv. actively, agilely, fluently, nimbly, quickly คล่องแคล่ว khla:wng/\  khlae:o/\   3
agilely adv. adv. quickly, nimbly, agilely หยอย ya:wy\/   3
agility n. n. agility; ความว่องไว khwa:m--  wawng/\  way--   4
agility n. n. agility, deftness, dexterity, expert, nimbleness, quickness, skill ความคล่องแคล่ว khwa:m--  khla:wng/\  khlae:o/\   4
aging n. geol. n. geol. aging การกลายสภาพเป็นทะเลสาบเก่า ga:n--  gla:y--  sa\  pha:p/\  bpen\  tha/  le:--  sa:p\  gao\   6
agitate v. v. scramble, mix, stir, agitate, blend, disturb, trouble; กวน gu:an--   2
agitate v. v. spin, turn on an axis, rotate, revolve, churn, whirl, agitate; ปั่น bpan\   2
agitate v. v. agitate, disturb, annoy ก่อกวน ga:w\  gwa:n--   2
agitate v. v. disturb, bother, annoy, harass, vex, irritate, agitate, distract; กวนใจ gu:an--  jay--   3
agitate adj. adj. fidget, agitate, worry, anxious, nervous กระวนกระวาย gra\  won--  gra\  wa:y--   3
agitate v. sl. v. sl. irritate, annoy, agitate, disturb, trouble, vex, bother กวนโอ๊ย gu:an--  o:y/   3
agitate v. v. roll, goggle, agitate, brandish, shake, turn กลอก gla:wk\   4
agitate v. v. annoy, disturb, trouble, harass, agitate; กวนเมือง gu:an--  meu:ang--   4
agitated adj. adj. mixed, agitated; กวน gu:an--   2
agitated adj. adj. agitated, distressed, in trouble, irked, tormented, vexed, worried เดือดร้อน deu:at\  ra:wn/   2
agitated adj. adj. excited, agitated, thrilled, ruffled; น่าตื่นเต้น na:/\  dteu:n\  dten/\   3
be agitated v. v. be agitated, pine for love, yearn for รัญจวน [รัน-จวน]
ran--  ju:an--  
be agitated v. v. be restless, be agitated, have a restless and shifting manners or eyes ล่อกแล่ก la:wk/\  lae:k/\   3
agitated adj. adj. nervous, restless, agitated, uneasy, anxious, impatient, restless, perturbed; กระสับกระส่าย gra\  sap\  gra\  sa:y\   4
agitated adj. adj. frustrated, frantic, agitated, worried, restless, anxious, impatient, perturbed, disturbed, uneasy, solicitous, fidgety, distressed, fearful; กระวนกระวายใจ gra\  won--  gra\  wa:y--  jay--   4
agitated adj. adj. concerned, agitated, turbulent, jumbled ละลุง la/  loong--   4
be agitated v. v. be concerned about, be agitated ละลุง la/  loong--   4
agitated adj. adj. restless, agitated, disturbed กระหน gra\  hon\/   4
be agitated v. v. be agitated, pine for love, yearn for รำจวน ram--  ju:an--   4
agitation n. n. agitation, excitement ความตื่นเต้น khwa:m--  dteu:n\  dten/\   3
agitation n. n. agitation; การก่อกวน ga:n--  ga:w\  gwa:n--   4
agitation n. n. impatience, anxiety, agitation, restlessness; ความร้อนรน khwa:m--  ra:wn/  ron--   4
agitation n. n. agitation ภาวะกายใจไม่สงบ pha:--  wa/  ga:y--  jay--  may/\  sa\  ngop\   6
agitator n. n. agitator; ผู้ก่อการจลาจล phu:/\  ga:w\  ga:n--  ja\  la:--  ja:wn--   5
agitator n. n. agitator, instigator, suborner; การิตการก ga:--  rit/  ga:--  rok/   6
Agkistrodon rhodostoma (Viperidae) n. zool. n. zool. Agkistrodon rhodostoma (Viperidae) กะปะ ga\  bpa\   4
Aglaia andamanica (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia andamanica (Meliaceae); กะโต้ง ga\  dto:ng/\   4
Aglaia andamanica Hiern (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia andamanica Hiern (Meliaceae); สังกะโต้ง sang\/  ga\  dto:ng/\   6
Aglaia argentea Bl. (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia argentea Bl. (Meliaceae); สังเครียดกล้อง sang\/  khri:at/\  gla:wng/\   6
Aglaia caudata Hiern (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia caudata Hiern (Meliaceae); สังเครียดหน่วยฝ้าย sang\/  khri:at/\  nu:ay\  fa:y/\   6
Aglaia cordata Hiern (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia cordata Hiern (Meliaceae); สังเครียดลังสาด sang\/  khri:at/\  sang\/  sa:t\   6
Aglaia domestica Pelleg. (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia domestica Pelleg. (Meliaceae); ลังสาด lang--  sa:t\   5
Aglaia dookkoo Griff. (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia dookkoo Griff. (Meliaceae); ลองกอง la:wng--  ga:wng--   3
Aglaia hoaensis Pierre (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia hoaensis Pierre (Meliaceae); กระดูกเขียด gra\  du:k\  khi:at\   6
Aglaia meliosmoides Craib (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia meliosmoides Craib (Meliaceae); หอมค่อย ha:wm\/  kha:wy/\   6
Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae); สังเครียด sang\/  khri:at/\   4
Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae); สังเครียดเลือด sang\/  khri:at/\  leu:at/\   6
Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia odoratissima Blume (Meliaceae); สังเครียดหลังขาว sang\/  khri:at/\  lang\/  kha:o\/   6
Aglaia palembanica Miq. (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia palembanica Miq. (Meliaceae); สังเครียดหยามฝ้าย sang\/  khri:at/\  ya:m\/  fa:y/\   6
Aglaia pirifera Hance (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia pirifera Hance (Meliaceae); ค้างคาว kha:ng/  kha:o--   2
Aglaia trichostemon DC. (Meliaceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaia trichostemon DC. (Meliaceae); สังเครียดลาย sang\/  khri:at/\  la:y--   6
Aglaonema brevispathum Engler (Araceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaonema brevispathum Engler (Araceae); โหรา ho:\/  ra:--   3
Aglaonema cochinchinense Engler (Araceae) n. bot. n. bot. Aglaonema cochinchinense Engler (Araceae); กล้วยเต่า glu:ay/\  dtao\   6
aglow adj. adj. aglow; สว่าง [สะ-หว่าง]
sa\  wa:ng\  
aglow adj. adj. aglow; แจ่มใส jaem\  say\/   2
aglow adj. adj. aglow, glowing; เป็นไฟแดงขึ้น bpen--  fay--  dae:ng--  kheun/\   5
agnosticism n. phil. n. phil. agnosticism อไญยนิยม a\  yay--  ni/  yom--   6
ago adj. adj. in the past, ago; ก่อน ga:wn\   1
ago adj. adj. last, pervious, ago, past, passing; ผ่านมา pha:n\  ma:--   2
ago adv. adv. ago; แต่ก่อน dtae:\  ga:wn\   2
ago adv. adv. ago; ล่วงมาแล้ว lu:ang/\  ma:--  lae:o/   4
ago adv. adv. formerly, in the past, previously, ago, before; แต่ก่อนร่อนชะไร dtae:\  ga:wn\  ra:wn/\  cha/  ray--   5
agog adj. adj. agog; กระตือรือร้น gra\  dteu:--  reu:--  ron/   2
agog adj. adj. agog; อยากรู้อยากเห็น ya:k\  ru:/  ya:k\  hen\/   3
agonize v. v. agonize; ทรมาน [ทอ-ระ-มาน]
tha:w--  ra/  ma:n--  
agonize v. v. suffer, be distressed, agonize, torture, torment, ache; ทุกข์ทรมาน thuk/  tha:w--  ra/  ma:n--   3
agonize v. v. agonize; รู้สึกเจ็บปวด ru:/  seuk\  jep\  bpu:at\   4
agony n. n. agony; ความเจ็บปวด khwa:m--  jep\  bpu:at\   2
agony n. n. pain, ache, agony, sore; ความเจ็บ khwa:m--  jep\   3
agony n. n. suffering, consciousness of trouble, grief or pain, painful feeling, consciousness of pain or trouble or grief, pain, agony, misery; ทุกขเวทนา [ทุก-ขะ-เว-ทะ-นา]
thuk/  kha\  we:--  tha/  na:--  
agony n. n. agony; ความทรมาน khwa:m--  tha:w--  ra/  ma:n--   3
agony n. n. agony; ความทุกข์ทรมาน khwa:m--  thuk/  tha:w--  ra/  ma:n--   4
agony n. n. agony; ความลิงโลด khwa:m--  ling--  lo:t/\   5
agrarians n. lit. n. lit. agrarians กลุ่มเกษตรนิยม glum\  ga\  se:t\  ni/  yom--   6
agree v. v. persuade, induce, urge, invite, ask, influence, prevail upon, agree; ชวน chu:an--   1
agree v. v. accord, agree, concur, consent ตกลง dtok\  long--   1
agree v. v. agree, consent, yield, submit; ยอม ya:wm--   1
agree v. v. agree, accept, concur, acquiesce; ยอมรับ ya:wm--  rap/   2
agree (with another) v. v. agree (with another), be in favor of, go along with, follow, conform, haul, comply with เห็นด้วย hen\/  du:ay/\   2
agree (with) v. v. agree (with), correspond (with); ตรงกับ dtrong--  gap\   2
agree v. v. agree; ถูกต้อง thu:k\  dta:wng/\   2
to agree v. v. be identical, to agree, coincident, be alike, coincide, be the same; พ้อง pha:wng/   2
agree v. v. harmonize, get along, fit well together, go together, agree, suit each other กินกัน gin--  gan--   2
agree v. v. settle an argument, agree; ยุติ yoot/  dti\   2
agree v. v. agree, accept, concur, approve, support, encourage, back, back sb/sth up; ยกมือ yok/  meu:--   2
agree v. v. agree, allow, approval, assent, consent ยินยอม yin--  ya:wm--   2
agree v. v. agree; เข้าใจกัน khao/\  jay--  gan--   3
agree v. v. agree, be in accord with, see things the same way (as), be unanimous เห็นพ้อง hen\/  pha:wng/   3
agree v. v. agree; ตกลงกันได้ dtok\  long--  gan--  day/\   3
agree (each other) v. v. be compatible, get along well with, agree (each other); ถูกกัน thu:k\  gan--   3
agree v. v. agree, concur, accord, accede เออออ e:r--  a:w--   3
agree v. v. consent to, agree, allow, acquiesce, assent, concur ไม่ขัดข้อง may/\  khat\  kha:wng/\   4
agree v. v. accede, agree, concur, accord เอออวย e:--  u:ay--   4
agree to v. v. accept, agree to, admit, approve, consent to, concur with; รับ rap/   1


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